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Ba De Ya! September Events In Palm Springs

“Ba-dee-ya, dee-ya, dee-ya Ba-dee-ya, dee-ya, dee-ya Ba-dee-ya, dee-ya, dee-ya, dee-ya! Ba-dee-ya, dee-ya, dee-ya Ba-dee-ya, dee-ya, dee-ya Ba-dee-ya, dee-ya, dee-ya, dee-ya!” — “September,” Earth, Wind & Fire It’s not quite the end of summer yet, but almost every venue in Palm Springs is back and in the swing of things, a.k.a. there is plenty to do. […]

Descanso Resort: Hollywood, Palm Springs Style

It has been over a century since Hollywood put Palm Springs on the map. Rudolph Valentino may have been the first to bring it to national recognition when he honeymooned with Natacha Rambova at Florilla White’s Palm Springs Inn. What’s so newsworthy about that? Well, he was not quite legally divorced from his first wife, […]

‘Tis Season in Palm Springs: November Events

October was fabulous, but it was just the opening act to what we call “season” in Palm Springs. Not “the season,” just “season.” Batman knows. November days are sunny but not too hot, and the nights are cool, but not cold. Not only is it great hiking weather, it is also excellent pool weather — […]

Father’s Day Fun In Palm Springs

It’s June, and you know what that means — it’s time to forget Father’s Day!  One year, my dad skipped church (I’m kidding, he never went to church) so my mom and my sibling and I went and learned it was Father’s Day. Gah! If it had been at the Baptist Bible school my parents […]

March Madness, Palm Springs Style

Mad Hatter: Have I gone mad? Alice: I’m afraid so. You’re entirely bonkers. But I’ll tell you a secret. All the best people are.  ― Tim Burton If you’re not into sports and you’re still looking for madness, we’ve got you covered 365 days a year — even more so this March. There is SO […]

Palm Springs Is Always Swinging

Trying to figure out how many golf courses there are in the Coachella Valley is not as easy a task as one would think. Some e-publications say over 120, others claim there’s more than 125, and one suggested there are at least 130. No matter which one you believe, that’s a lot of golf courses! […]

All Boo! No Hoo: Halloween In Palm Springs

“Last night you were unhinged. You were like some desperate, howling demon. You frightened me. Do it again.” — The Addams Family Halloween is a great time to spend the weekend in Palm Springs. The weather is cooler, but not cold, and the food and entertainment are hot! Also, if you weren’t already aware, Halloween is […]

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June Is Bustin’ Out All Over

First, I regret the announcements: Not quite ready to take the plunge, Splash House has been rescheduled for August; Pride will happen in November. I know! I’m verklempt too. However, there’s still an awful lot of fun to be had this June in Palm Springs. And I hear they’ll be back soon. Oh, before we get […]

Viva La Palm Springs: Cinco de Mayo 2022

A little tequila, a little dance, a little party in your pants. — Kay Kudukis It’s Cinco de Mayo again, happens every damn year — and we’re very happy about that. Before we get into where to go and what to do, let’s clarify a few misconceptions about the day. Cinco de Mayo is not […]