Palm Springs is an escape like no other. And often, staying at a small Palm Springs boutique hotel opens a doorway into new adventures and unexpected encounters. That’s because small hotels are different. With thoughtful touches, knowledgeable hosts, and attentive staff, a small hotel is more than just a place to sleep: it’s an uncommon experience of the true Palm Springs.

Whether you spend your days poolside or roaming the canyons and museums, here are a few stories about what can happen when you stay at one of our Palm Springs Preferred Small Hotels. Enjoy!

Basking in a Desert Modernism Paradise

Palm Springs is a mid-century paradise

The Perfect Day in Palm Springs

Steps in the Right Direction

Steps in the Right Direction story


Adventure & Architecture

Adventure and Architecture story


Apply Sunscreen (Everywhere)

Apply Sunscreen - Everywhere story


Chasing the Heat

Chasing the Heat story