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Spring Has Sprung: April Happenings In Palm Springs

April is packed with goings on, and with all the rain (now called a hydrologic event on my weather app) we had in March that means color — aka March showers bring April wildflowers! No superbloom, they say, but the mountains have been celebrating…

Cuddles And Kibble A La Palm Springs

You guys, a new cat distribution portal has opened in Palm Springs! Located in the Rimrock Shopping Mall at the base of the Araby Trail/Goat Trails, Frisky Business Cat Cafe appeared in January and unlike other portals it has people amenities:…

The Top Five “Gayest” Drinks in Palm Springs

Palm Springs, California, is a mecca for the LGBTQIA+ community and home to some of the most fabulous boutique hotels in the world. Many of our hotels are attached to equally spirited bars and restaurants that serve up some deliciously colorful…
Art by Paloma Contreras Lomas on display at Desert X

Desert X Brings Thought-Provoking Art Installations To The Coachella Valley

You know your idea is successful when locals and visitors alike ask if Desert X is happening in the Coachella Valley again this year. With fanfare, we can proudly say the fourth Desert X is not only alive and well, it once again has produced…

Palm Springs Welcomes New Boutique Hotels To Diverse Collection Of Properties

The wonderful thing about Palm Springs is that it's always attracting new visitors on top of faithful returnees — and with several new boutique hotels opening since the spring of 2022, they have more options than ever for places to stay. The…

Palm Springs Restaurant Owners Tell Their Stories

A large table bought at an estate sale and rejection of a lease for space changed the trajectory of two Palm Springs restaurant owners’ lives. Mindy Reed, owner of Zin Restaurant, and Willie Rhine, an owner of Eight4Nine and 1501 Uptown Gastropub,…

March Madness, Palm Springs Style

Mad Hatter: Have I gone mad? Alice: I’m afraid so. You’re entirely bonkers. But I’ll tell you a secret. All the best people are.  ― Tim Burton If you’re not into sports and you’re still looking for madness, we’ve got…

The Palm Springs Cultural Center Is The Community Heartbeat of Diversity

If you’re looking for a one-stop cultural shop for film festivals, a farmers' market, live performances, arts programs, theater productions, lectures, food, libations, and more, look no further than the Palm Springs Cultural Center.  Since…

Romance Visits Palm Springs On Valentine’s Day

Looking for the perfect way to romance your partner on Valentine’s Day? You’ve come to the right place. I don’t have one, so I can spend all of my time figuring out the swoon factor for you. And I think I’ve got it. How about a Palm…

How To Really Get Away From It All

Is your daily life starting to wear you down? Are you experiencing symptoms of undue stress — constant worrying, sleepless nights, feelings of anxiety? Or, maybe you're just looking for a change of scene. It may be time for a true getaway,…

February Events (Modernism Week!) And Humpback Whale Appreciation Month

It’s February, which means it’s Humpback Whale Appreciation Month in Palm Springs! Okay, so that’s a bit misleading. Yes, February is Humpback Whale Appreciation Month, but we’re not celebrating this year (we never have). So whales,…

The Third Time’s A Charm With Twin Palms Resort

Twin Palms Resort is Palm Springs' newest kid on the block.  An upscale boutique hotel, Twin Palms is a brother property to the Santiago and Descanso. This trio of remarkable resorts offer gay men a gorgeous selection of naturally chic,…

Palm Springs Preferred Small Hotels, Big Blend Radio Launch Monthly Show

Travelers have a new way to learn more about what to do and where to stay in Palm Springs, thanks to a partnership between Palm Springs Preferred Small Hotels (PSPSH) and Big Blend. PSPSH is a consortium of more than 70 independently-owned…

Korakia Pensione: A Different World In Downtown Palm Springs

Near downtown Palm Springs, California, the Korakia Pensione quietly reveals itself on South Patencio Road.  As someone who lives in Palm Springs, even I was surprised this pensione — meaning a small hotel — was unknown to me until I…
A sign that reads "Welcome to Palm Springs"

Let’s Get 2023 Started: January Events In Palm Springs

I hope you all made it through 2022 as unscathed as possible. No matter the reason, you absolutely deserve a getaway vacation to Palm Springs. The late night temps are in the low 50s, while it's in the mid-70s by noon and the sun is warm on…

We Have A Giant Award Show Right Here In Palm Springs

The Palm Springs International Film Fest (PSIFF) is a very big deal, and not just to Palm Springs. It is, in fact, true to its name, international. Filmmakers and cinephiles come in from all over the world to see the showcased films. And…

The Sky’s The Limit At Azure Sky

Recently we took our sweet cocker spaniel, Fender, on a short trip to Palm Springs. It was a beautiful afternoon when we arrived at the so aptly named Azure Sky, one of the most recently renovated Palm Springs Small Preferred Hotels. Yes, the…

Receiving The Royal Treatment At Villa Royale

In need of a respite from daily life, we recently decided to visit Palm Springs with our dog, Fender. Not only did we want to stay at a dog-friendly hotel, but we were looking for a secluded setting with a nostalgic vibe, a wonderful pool for…
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Behind the Scenes Video Tours of Azure Sky Hotel, Dive Palm Springs, and The Inn at Palm Springs

If you’re obsessed with going behind the scenes, look no further! We’ve created a series of insider videos that take you behind the gates and into the mindset of Palm Springs’ savviest hoteliers. From high-end retreats to budget-friendly…

A Down In The Valley Christmas

When you’re planning your holidays, don’t forget about Palm Springs; it’s the perfect place to celebrate. Why? It’s the best of both worlds: it’s sunny and there’s snow, but we keep it in the mountains, where it belongs. It’s an…

Enter Quiet Luxury At The Hacienda at Warm Sands

The Hacienda at Warm Sands is a gay resort for men-only that invites every guest to "Enter Quiet Luxury." That’s exactly what I got to experience upon my arrival, from the moment I was greeted at the front entrance by The Hacienda’s devoted…

December Events: ‘Tis The Seasoning In Palm Springs

"I never worry about being driven to drink; I just worry about being driven home." — W. C. Fields It’s party season everywhere, but no one parties quite like Palm Springs. The "Say Gay" city is the best of all worlds: gay, straight or…

Palm Springs VillageFest Is A Must Do

As the snow starts piling up in the east, Palm Springs, California — where the average winter temperature is in the 70s and there's always lots of sunshine — sounds awfully good. No matter what time of year you visit, VillageFest is something…

Why The Palm Springs Preferred Small Hotels Website Makes it Easy To Plan A Vacation

We've been watching the weather and see snowflakes are starting to fly in many parts of the country. While we're not fortune tellers, we can tell you a sure way to avoid some of the winter snow: come visit Palm Springs, California, where the…

‘Tis Season in Palm Springs: November Events

October was fabulous, but it was just the opening act to what we call "season" in Palm Springs. Not "the season," just "season." Batman knows. November days are sunny but not too hot, and the nights are cool, but not cold. Not only is it…

The Weekend: 365 Days A Year

Location, location, location! For those that love modernism, Old Las Palmas politely screams “I am quintessential Palm Springs.” Stretching west from Palm Canyon to the San Jacinto Mountains, the neighborhood is rich in history and real…

Let’s Have A Tiki!

“Lock the doors, lower the blinds, fire up the smoke machine, and put on your heels, cause I know exactly what we need…let’s have a tiki.”  — Scissor Sisters-ish ALOHANA is upon us and that means it is tiki time in Palm Springs.…

The Art Of Being Free At The Vista Grande Resort For Men

The Vista Grande Resort isn’t just a men's clothing-optional boutique hotel in the heart of Warm Sands. It’s a philosophy and an opportunity for gay men from all over the world to gather and simply be who they are. "The Art of Being" is…

All Boo! No Hoo: Halloween In Palm Springs

“Last night you were unhinged. You were like some desperate, howling demon. You frightened me. Do it again.” — The Addams Family Halloween is a great time to spend the weekend in Palm Springs. The weather is cooler, but not cold, and…

Shine On: October Events In Palm Springs

“One thing about flying that he never got used to was that no matter how awful the weather was on the ground, if you flew high enough you could always find the sun.” ― Tom Clancy, The Hunt for Red October On the ground, in the air,…

Fall’s Main Events: The Dinah, Modernism Week, And Pride

'Tis the season! The next three months in Palm Springs not only provide more local entertainment, but we have three huge events. Read on weekend warriors! The Dinah September 21-25: The Dinah is the largest queer, lesbian, non-binary party…

Ba De Ya! September Events In Palm Springs

“Ba-dee-ya, dee-ya, dee-ya Ba-dee-ya, dee-ya, dee-ya Ba-dee-ya, dee-ya, dee-ya, dee-ya! Ba-dee-ya, dee-ya, dee-ya Ba-dee-ya, dee-ya, dee-ya Ba-dee-ya, dee-ya, dee-ya, dee-ya!” — "September," Earth, Wind & Fire It’s…

The Best Queer Shopping In Palm Springs

There are tons of gay-owned gems and LGBTQIA+-friendly shops to explore in Palm Springs, which is great news if you're in town for a getaway or live here in the Coachella Valley. Our desert oasis is a cornucopia of quirky gifts, mid-century…

The Ultimate Boys Weekend In Palm Springs

If you’re looking to plan the ultimate boys gaycation weekend with your besties, there’s no doubt that Palm Springs, California, is on your short list of places to go. It’s one of the few LGBTQ+ safe havens in the country that caters to…

The Accidental Hotelier

Known only as one of Lulu’s sisters, she is forever this close to diving into what one can assume is a refreshing blue pool. She’s the eye catcher on the outside of the white stucco wall that, once inside, keeps the noise from Indian Canyon…

Second Hand Rose: A Guide To Thrifting In Greater Palm Springs

Sometimes, a girl just needs to shop. And sometimes a girl only has a few shekels to spare (at least that has been this girl’s experience.) For me, nothing is more satisfying than finding a treasure at a bargain price. And to-be-found treasures…

Beat The Heat: August Events In Palm Springs

?We’re having a heatwave. A tropical heatwave. The temperature’s rising, it isn’t surprising, we’re having a heatwave.?— Irving Berlin Factoring in heat and humidity, Palm Springs is like...everywhere else in the world right now:…

You Never Have To Leave These Palm Springs Resorts, Part 3

Missed Parts 1 and 2? Read them here and here. Now, we're delving into boutique hotels that have food and beverages available for guests only — but I’ve also got a few surprises tucked in here as well.  With these resorts, breakfasts…

You Never Have To Leave These Palm Springs Resorts, Part 2

Missed Part 1? Read it here. Welcome to summer in Palm Springs! This is long — lots to share! — so without further ado, the smaller resorts with restaurants: Arrive Palm Springs — This resort is built to be social, and the poolside…

You Never Have To Leave These Palm Springs Resorts

"I need to disappear, escape for a little bit / Take a trip to Palm Springs if you're into it.” — Mistel Marie, "Palm Springs" It's hot and getting hotter in Palm Springs, and unless you're a Bedouin, it’s a bit too too for outdoor…

The Descanso Resort Is A Palm Springs Paradise Just For Men

Palm Springs' newest boutique resort for men exceeded all of my expectations.  Descanso Resort is a fully refurbished and thoughtfully reimagined Palm Springs paradise with a "California garden patio" motif that somehow manages to weave…

It’s Too Damn Hot: July Events In Palm Springs

"If you saw a heat wave, would you wave back?" — Steven Wright The heat is on. Just walking to your car is like doing hot yoga without doing the yoga. But honestly? It’s still paradise. The skies are the bluest, the mountains remain majestic,…

6 Reasons Why You Should Book Directly With A Boutique Hotel

With summer officially in full swing, hospitality staff at Palm Springs Preferred Small Hotels are turning their attention to pampering visitors from all over the world.  The pools are cool, the nights are warm, and everyone is languid.…

Baby, You’re A Firework: Independence Day In Palm Springs

"I got my hands up, they're playin' my song, they know I'm gonna be okay. Yeah, it's a party in the U.S.A." — Miley Cyrus  Commemorating the passage of the Declaration of Independence by the Continental Congress on July 4, 1776, Independence…

One-Of-A-Kind Palm Springs Boutique Hotels Featured In New Commercial

Four of Palm Springs' most stunning boutique hotels are featured in a new commercial touting the benefits of a desert vacation. The Descanso Resort, Fleur Noire, The Art Hotel, and Hotel El Cid all have their moment in the spotlight, showing…

Father’s Day Fun In Palm Springs

It’s June, and you know what that means — it’s time to forget Father’s Day!  One year, my dad skipped church (I’m kidding, he never went to church) so my mom and my sibling and I went and learned it was Father’s Day. Gah! If…

Here Comes The Sun: June Events In Palm Springs

"There are three good reasons to be a teacher — June, July, and August." — Unknown It’s June, and that means it’s National Accordion Awareness Month. If you’re not familiar with an accordion, it sounds like someone attached a keyboard…

What Should I Pack For My Palm Springs Summer Vacation?

If you thought Palm Springs becomes a ghost town during the summer, think again. Picture relaxing evenings poolside, dinners, and parties with your friends, watching the sun go down behind our rugged mountains. Wouldn't you like to be assured…

Explore The Great Outdoors In Palm Springs

You woke up in Palm Springs — what a great way to start the day! You may be wondering, what kind of things are there to do other than shop, eat, and soak up the rays poolside at my wonderful boutique resort?  Tons, people, tons! And these…

Descanso Resort: Hollywood, Palm Springs Style

It has been over a century since Hollywood put Palm Springs on the map. Rudolph Valentino may have been the first to bring it to national recognition when he honeymooned with Natacha Rambova at Florilla White’s Palm Springs Inn. What’s so…

Viva La Palm Springs: Cinco de Mayo 2022

A little tequila, a little dance, a little party in your pants. — Kay Kudukis It’s Cinco de Mayo again, happens every damn year — and we’re very happy about that. Before we get into where to go and what to do, let’s clarify a few…

May Events: Celebrate Moms And Modernism In Palm Springs

May The Force Be With You — Star Wars There’s a lot to do in the merry, merry month of May, so I’ll shut up so we can get on our merry, merry way: Special Days Mother’s Day — May 8 Melvyn's — Special menu for Mom Le…

INNdulge Offers The Best Of Palm Springs Hospitality

"We're not interested in being the most expensive resort in Palm Springs, but we are interested in being the nicest." — INNdulge owner Jon Jackson Warm Sands is a beautiful Palm Springs neighborhood with sprawling estates, their edges lined…

Put These SoCal Day Tripping Destinations On Your Agenda

Day tripping is a fun way to get out and play at some of the super cool spots around Palm Springs. That's what Dwight D. Eisenhower did in 1954, when he slipped away for many hours under the cover of having an emergency dental appointment. It…

Wildflowers And Hiking Trails Offer Delight In The Desert

"April comes like an idiot, babbling and strewing flowers." — Edna St. Vincent Millay In the spring, nature's theater doesn't always mean "head to the storm cellar!" In the desert, spring stages an extravaganza of colorful wildflowers called…

Follow The Music To Palm Springs: April Events

"Spring is nature's way of saying, ''Let's party!'" — Robin Williams Welp, it's time for Coachella again, and what a beast of a party it's going to be this year with Billie Eilish, Harry Styles, Swedish House Mafia, and Kanye (billed as…

Privacy And Tranquility Can Be Yours At A Palm Springs AvantStay Property

Palm Springs' vibrant vibes are attracting more and more people from around the world. Outdoor restaurant patios are filled and lovely shops cater to a wide variety of budgets and tastes. Listen closely and you'll hear happy visitors discussing…
The Triangle Inn pool

The Triangle Inn: Same Time Next Year

The Triangle Inn is like a charming man with a cheeky wit and a very sexy smile. Who wouldn’t want a second date? Let's start with a few fun facts, rated Hollywood-style. The Triangle Inn spans the corners of San Lorenzo (très exotique,…
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St. Patrick’s Day 2022: Put On Something Green And Party In Palm Springs

In Chicago, St. Patrick's Day is such a huge deal — they dye the Chicago River green and have a huge parade, then everyone does a pub crawl, downing Jameson shots with green beer chasers, before going home and calling in sick the next day. At…
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It’s Time For Another Action-Packed March In Palm Springs

"I try not to limit my madness to March." — Maxine (a.k.a. John Wagner for Shoebox Cards) For most of the world, March is a tempestuous mistress. Cold and blustery, then cold and sunshine-y. She’s a whole lot of brrrrrrrrr. In Palm…
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5 Ideas For The Perfect Palm Springs Valentine’s Day

"In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different." – Coco Chanel Named after Saint Valentine, the patron saint of lovers, epileptics, and beekeepers (weird three to lump together, but whatever), Valentine’s Day somehow took…
, ,

Palm Springs Welcomes New Boutique Hotels In 2022

From the boldly chic Cheetah Hotel to the artsy Fleur Noire, visitors to Palm Springs now have even more options for boutique hotels. "We are delighted to welcome these new hotels and their owners to Palm Springs," Michael Green, owner of…

It’s All Happening This February In Palm Springs

February – the month that fills you with overthinking about your love life. - Anonymous Not to brag or anything, but damn our weather has been exceptional. Nice sleeping temps at night — it's in the 50s — and bright sunny days in the…
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The Hacienda At Warm Sands Is Fit For A King

Just a few minutes from the thumping beat of the nightlife on Arenas is The Hacienda at Warm Sands, LUXlife magazine's 2020 and 2021 Best LGBTQ Resort in North America. If you didn't know, you wouldn't know — it's discreetly camouflaged by…
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Tracy Turco Is Taking Palm Springs By Storm

Tracy Turco is painting the town red ... and orange, yellow, blue, green, and purple. The colorful owner of The Art Hotel, The Tiki Hotel, and The Cheetah Hotel, Tracy is also a designer, artist, and entrepreneur. Along with her husband,…

Welcome 2022! January Events

Happy New Year! The holiday season has gone its merry way, and we're all feeling a little less flush in the pocket and a little more snug in the waistband. And that's okay! We've got a full year to refill the coffers and pare down the pooch…

Visitors Flock To Palm Springs

The spirit of optimism is alive and well in Palm Springs.  “While the sunshine, heated pools, and stellar attractions make the city a destination for people looking for relaxation and adventure alike, the pandemic has changed Palm Springs'…
BelleVue Oasis pool, courtesy of BelleVue Oasis

BelleVue Oasis Is Sleek, Stylish, And So Palm Springs

While on assignment for BBC News, Tayfun King was interviewing the owner of a boutique hotel in Buenos Aires when it hit him — he wanted to be the one running an inn. As a travel reporter, Tayfun was immersed in the hospitality industry,…

Small Town Living, Big Town Shopping

"I always say, shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist." — Tammy Faye Bakker Messner People tend to think of Palm Springs as a place to go and relax by the pool with a cocktail, and it totally is — however, when you leave the luxury of…

Hello December: You Are The Last One, So Be The Best One

Without a doubt, Christmas in Palm Springs is bright and gay in a variety of ways. And variety is the spice of life, non? The mornings yield a crisp temp of the low 40s, while the days are sunny and warm, in the 70s — light sweater weather.…

Palm Springs International Airport Named Best Small U.S. Airport At 2021 TPG Awards

The readers have spoken, and they love the Palm Springs International Airport. The Points Guy, a travel website and blog, asks its readers every year to vote on their favorite airport, and for the 2021 TPG Awards, Palm Springs came out on…

What’s Your Vibe? Stay In A Place That’s Totally You

Looking for a serene resort in which to relax? A romantic getaway? A fun and fabulous hotel with high energy? Or a place to catch some sun on your buns? Here's the thing about boutique hotels in Palm Springs: they're each so very different.  So,…
, ,

We’re SO Gay

"Too much of a good thing is wonderful." — Liberace When you Google "best gay cities," my results did not include one single listicle mentioning Palm Springs. What? People, our entire city council is LGBTQIA, and from Wikipedia's entry…

Hello November, You’re Looking Mighty Proud

Oh my goodness, October's weather was exceptional, and it's just going to be better in November. Unlike the majority of the United States, November in Palm Springs brings bright, bright, bright sunshiny days. Everyone is riding bicycles and…
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At Amin Casa, No Detail Is Overlooked

Are you looking for a place with a serene setting to relax and forget about your hectic schedule? Look no further than the Amin Casa boutique hotel, where you can spend hours sitting and listening to the sounds of a three-tiered water fountain…

Art Is Everywhere At The Palm Springs International Airport

The Palm Springs International Airport serves as a hub for welcoming people from all over the world, and visitors arriving in our open-air terminal marvel at the fact they can remove their jackets and immediately start breathing in the fresh…
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Don’t Miss the Palm Springs Art Museum Architecture and Design Center

There's an air of excitement in Palm Springs every October, and not just because of the cooler weather. Running October 14 through 17 is Modernism Preview Week, a mini-version of February's Modernism Week. This event was originally designed…

The Orbit In: A true blast from the mid-century modern past

Orbit In to the Palm Springs modern vibe and leave your worries behind as you lounge in luxurious mid-century style. Breathtaking mountain views, cruiser bikes, and cocktails, all served up at a small boutique hotel where vintage modernism meets…
, ,

It’s All Retro to Me: Modernism Fall Preview

Did you know that Palm Springs is internationally famous? Well, it is. Since 2006, people from all over the planet have been coming to Palm Springs during the month of February for the banging party we call Modernism Week. It's like the United…
, ,

Happy Fall, Ya’ll: October Events

Holy Ned, October is jamming! We’ve got Modernism Week Preview plus Palm Springs Leather Pride. If neither of those float your boat, there's HALLOWEEN! It's a huge holiday here in Palm Springs, and Halloween on Arenas is sick (in the best…
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The Andalusian Court: A Magical Experience

There are many words guests use to describe The Andalusian Court — romantic, private, serene, stunning — but one is used over and over again: Magical. The Andalusian Court was originally built in 1921, and its seven private villas retain…

All Gay, All Day

“You have some queer friends, Dorothy.” - The Road To Oz, Frank Baum Drumroll! The Dinah Weekend has returned! The largest lesbian/queer/non-binary party starts on September 29, and runs through October 3. Bonus: It’s celebrating…

September Events

Glorious September in Palm Springs, often offering the perfect balance between sun worshipers and those preferring a more sun-kissed look. With the lower temps and evenings cooling down substantially, the nights are delightfully dreamy.…

Pizza? Have It Delivered!

This past year has presented us with amazing opportunities to get delicious food delivered directly to our doorsteps.  But the grandaddy of delivery, the classic that stands above the rest, is of course, pizza!  Palm Springs is fortunate to…

It’s Time to Check In — and Check Out — Palm Springs’ Newest Boutique Hotels

These hotels and their owners are bringing fresh perspectives to Palm Springs From the intimate and tranquil Old Ranch Inn to the fun and fabulous Float, you'll want to check in to Palm Springs' newest boutique hotels. When the Old…
, ,

August: Summer’s Last Stand

"In August most of Europe goes on holiday." ―Tony Visconti In Palm Springs, just like Europe, many local shops/restaurants close, and take a vacation. That doesn’t mean we roll up the streets and close the blinds – we’re not a ghost…
, ,

The High Life

Although the mountain backdrop is brushed in hues of brown, the rest of the Coachella Valley is pretty darned green. Canna-Tourism was smokin’ hot (#sorrynotsorry) until, you know, the pandemic. Sure, dispensaries were considered an essential…
, ,

A Variety of Palm Springs Coffee Shops Beckon You to Stop

Palm Springs is known for its excellent restaurants and umbrella drinks around the pool. However, after an evening enjoying our restaurants and relaxing music venues, you may need an eyeopener cup of coffee or a light breakfast the following…
, ,

Boutique Hotels Can Be Your Home Away From Home

By Susan Montgomery I have often dreamed of living in a lovely hotel for a while.  I can just envision the heavenly experience now — sipping coffee by the pool each morning with a good book, enjoying a delicious breakfast in my own little…

How to Stay Cool (But Not Frozen) in Palm Springs This Summer

Every summer in Palm Springs the temperatures soar, but it is still a wonderful place to visit, especially if you stay at a Palm Springs Preferred Small Hotel with an inviting, sparkling pool and a charming, cool, air-conditioned room. In…
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Some Like It Hot: July in Palm Springs

“Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it.” – Russell Baker July, the hottest month of the year. That means Palm Springs is hot, hot, hot. But it’s a dry heat, in a cool, cool place, with sparkling pools, a million…

Tipping 101

The art of tipping can be confusing. How many times have you asked a friend how much they tipped the hotel housekeeping staff or how much of gratuity to give a parking attendant?  International travel writer Linda Milks shares everything you…

Horsing Around

Contributed by: The Santiago For a real western adventure, and a truly inspiring experience, embrace your inner Cowboy and head out on a horseback ride, take a few tips from our friends at the Santiago Resort Palm Springs, which caters to gay…
, ,

Exploring Palm Springs Art Treasures

Not only does Palm Springs beckon one to come to visit for its countless sunshine days, but there is also a new reason to plan your vacation to this increasingly hip town. At least once a week, contemporary public art is being unveiled. Palm…
Old Ranch Inn in Palm Springs. Photo Credit: Brittany Ryan
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Old Ranch Inn: An Intimate Guesthouse in Palm Springs’ Historic Tennis Club Neighborhood

Contributed by: Brittany Ryan Nestled between Indian Canyon and bustling downtown Palm Springs, sits the historic Old Ranch Inn. Here, in this intimate eight-room boutique hotel catering to adults and their pet dogs, is where travelers come…

In Case You Missed It: A Media Round Up for May ’21

Didn’t see it the first time?? Here’s a short media round-up of recent coverage about several Palm Springs boutique hotels and what’s happening in the desert. Lorena Lopez over at Traveling Soulo shares her stay experience at Los…
, ,

Brunch Besties

Need brunch? The guys at the Santiago, one of Palm Springs most exclusive resorts for gay men, make a delicious argument for weekend brunch being the most important meal of the week. Here’s the Santiago’s list of the top brunch spots! While…
, ,

PS: Fun, Fashionable and Instagram Ready

Welcome to Palm Springs, where the sun shines 360 days of the year. We’re fun, fashionable and Instagram ready, and hoo boy do I have a lot to share. And thank the Stars (Walk of Stars), a lot of wonderful friends helped me with this particular…
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June Is Bustin’ Out All Over

First, I regret the announcements: Not quite ready to take the plunge, Splash House has been rescheduled for August; Pride will happen in November. I know! I’m verklempt too. However, there’s still an awful lot of fun to be had this June…
, ,

Bellevue Oasis: A Sophisticated Boutique Hotel in Palm Springs’ Tahquitz River Estates

Author: Brittany Ryan Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of downtown sits the newly renovated Bellevue Oasis, a modern, tech-friendly oasis in Palm Springs. With a streamlined digital procedure for self-check-in, this boutique hotel sets…
, ,

The Cole Hotel in Palm Springs Showcases Technology

It is time to pack your bags and head to Palm Springs and the fabulously restored retro hotel called The Cole. Locals drop by on weekends for their fabulous brunches.  Even celebrities are starting to discover it, so make your reservations…

In Case You Missed It: A Media Round Up

What’s happening? Here’s a short media round-up of recent coverage about several Palm Springs boutique hotels and what’s happening in the desert. LA Times: Cool vibes, splash-worthy pools at these 7 new or updated Palm Springs hotels,…

Summer Deals are coming!

If you like to plan ahead, keep an eye open for PSPSH’s summer offers. The hottest deals can be found with mid-week and long stays with new ones offers added regularly.  There’s no better way to beat coastal May Gray or June Gloom than…

Brand Spankin’ New Places and Cool Tours

It’s getting even hotter here in Palm Springs, and I’m not just talking about the temperature. From the ashes of 2020, new establishments were born – some so new that locals haven’t even had an opportunity to try them!  Some are fancy,…

May Events: Let’s Get This Party Started!

We're in the Orange! We got off to a great start in April with a toe-in-the-water, scaled-down, sold-out Modernism Week, and in May you can wade into Palm Springs well above your knees. Mornings bring bright-blue, sunny skies, a back-drop…

Dinner at Los Arboles Hotel’s El Mirasol

During our last visit to Palm Springs, we enjoyed plenty of scrumptious food. Following some afternoon adventures, we returned to our room at Los Arboles Hotel and were ready for dinner. Since we were a bit tired from our excursions (traveling…
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And Baby Makes Three: A Getaway to Palm Springs as New Parents

As if 2020 wasn’t crazy enough, I welcomed my first baby in 2021. Adjusting to life with little Mabel has been a wild adventure, yet mostly done at home. I’ve always loved to travel and especially hop in the car for a road trip. With all…
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Desert X Entices People for Art Adventure

There are plenty of us who love getting out to see the desert close up and personal. Especially this time of year, the cacti are starting to bloom, and wild desert flowers are peeking their fragile heads out of the desert soil. Breathing…

Unique Touches Found in Five of Palm Springs Small Hotels

With the world opening up more, it is the perfect time to visit Palm Springs. With 70 plus small hotels to choose from within Palm Spring's city limits, deciding which one may seem like an overwhelming task. However, here are five hotels that…
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Dog Days in Palm Springs

Palm Springs is a well-known doggie haven. Many hotels, restaurants, and shops happily welcome— and even indulge — our four-legged friends. So when we recently had an opportunity to explore Palm Springs with our dogs, we were excited.…

Palm Springs Welcomes its Newest Boutique Hotel Owners

In Palm Springs, change is in the air. Several of Palm Springs Preferred Small Hotels are now under new ownership, with each property undergoing its own unique transformation. One example is the Talavera Palm Springs. Formerly known as…
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Meet People from Around the World at the Dog-Friendly Avanti Hotel

  You made a wise choice to visit Palm Springs, where the sun shines 360 days a year. As you pull up in front of the Avanti Hotel, the contemporary exquisite stone entrance affirms that you also made the right decision for your home…

Feel the Love in Palm Springs this Valentine’s Day

Are you in the mood for love, Palm Springs style? This Valentine's Day, enjoy a safe escape by booking a stay at one of Palm Springs' intimate boutique hotels. All of our properties are taking serious precautions and have enacted strict cleaning…
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Viewing Public Art in Palm Springs on Foot

Wake up in Palm Springs with the sun gloriously shining and grab your glamorous floppy hat, recyclable water bottle, and sunglasses. It doesn’t matter if the museums are closed because there’s so much fabulous public art to explore in Palm…

Save Money and Support Palm Springs’ Fabulous Restaurants

If you have a favorite Palm Springs restaurant and love to save money, now is the perfect time to order takeout. The City of Palm Springs, the Palm Springs Bureau of Tourism, and the Palm Springs Chamber of Commerce launched a new coupon…
Vibe Style and Design
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Families Gather Safely and Happily at Small Hotels

One of the biggest challenges we’ve faced during this ongoing pandemic is gathering our families in a safe setting. So here is a great idea. When we are allowed to safely travel again, why not consider bringing your family to one of the lovely…
Palm Springs offers blue skies, palm trees, and snow-capped mountains. Photo courtesy of visitpalmsprings.com
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Craving the Sun? Palm Springs’ Boutique Hotels Open Just in Time to Fight the Winter Blahs.

Palm Springs Preferred Small Hotels — a collection of more than 70 boutique hotels — have reopened just in time for those who crave the sun and need a change of scenery from the recent California lock-down orders. Many hotels have special…
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Visit Palm Springs with Care

Guidelines for Palm Springs Visitors With temperatures in the 70s and the sun shining brightly, we are welcoming visitors who need to travel for essential reasons. There are restrictions you need to aware of as of December 11, 2020. According…

Keep Palm Springs Fabulous by Supporting Local Businesses

The people who own and operate the restaurants, shops, bars, spas, and boutique hotels in Palm Springs are the reason why this city is such a beloved destination — because of them, when you crave sizzling fajitas, fancy a stiff drink,…
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Palm Springs Benches Enhanced with Art

Can you take a dark-brown cement bench and turn it into art while still maintaining its function for resting or people-watching? The answer in Palm Springs is an unequivocal, yes. Mainstreet Palm Springs' Downtown and Uptown Business Association…
Coronavirus spores

How California’s stay-at-home order applies to Palm Springs

Under California's current stay-at-home order, hotels in Southern California — including those in Palm Springs — are only open to "essential workers" or people who are quarantining due to COVID-19 exposure. No leisure traveling should be…
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Hotel Alcazar in Palm Springs Offers the Perfect Escape

As fall arrives and with winter approaching rapidly, one’s thoughts often turn to places in the sun. With an average of 269 days of sunlight every year, Palm Springs is a sound choice. With a perfect combination of ambiance, amenities,…
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Morning Bike Rides in Palm Springs are Sublime

In the desert, one of the best times to take the bikes out is early in the day. And many boutique hotels offer free loaner bikes to make it super easy for you to get around town or explore the canyons before the sun is high. If you want to…

Stargazing the Desert Nights

By:  Kent Taylor There are three spectacular ways to stargaze--all within an hour of Palm Springs. Two International Dark Sky Parks (Joshua Tree National Park and Borrego Springs) are located within an hour's drive from Palm Springs and…
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Check out the Palm Springs Windmills with a Driving Tour

When you fly or drive into Palm Springs from the West, you cannot miss the sudden, dramatic appearance of hundreds of windmills. To be exact, 2200 at this writing. Few people know that it is possible to take a tour of this windmill farm. Standing…

Southwest, Allegiant, Alaska, and JetBlue to launch new nonstop flights to and from Palm Springs

It will soon be easier than ever for people around the country to fly into Palm Springs. Southwest Airlines announced earlier this month that it will launch year-round service through Palm Springs International Airport later this year. The…
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Road Tripping Safely to Palm Springs

How to Travel Safely by Car Not since the days of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnez’ road trip to California and when the Hollywood stars like Frank Sinatra and Marilyn Monroe traveled to Palm Springs have road trips been so popular. This is the…
Workcation hotel room in Palm Springs, CA
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Why work from home when you can work from a Palm Springs boutique hotel?

Say goodbye to your home office and hello to Palm Springs For those who have been working from home for months now, a change of scenery is in order — and the best views are in Palm Springs. Since Palm Springs Preferred Small Hotels — a…
A photo of Paul Kurdian and Sam McDermott

The Inn at Palm Springs: It’s all about timing

Paul Kurdian and Sam McDermott started their married life off with a bang. While they were dating, the couple imagined one day starting a business together, and the opportunity arrived on the morning after their wedding. "On our way to…

Plan a summer escape to Palm Springs with these hot deals

We could all use some sunshine and an escape from sheltering in place right now, and there is no better destination to soak up that healthy Vitamin D than Palm Springs.  Several of our Palm Springs Preferred Small Hotels — a collection…

It’s time to return to your happy place: Palm Springs

Many Palm Springs' boutique hotels will open their doors again on June 12 It's official: Most Palm Springs Preferred Small Hotels — a collection of more than 70 boutique hotels — will reopen after June 12, just in time for the summer road…
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Vacation in Safety and Luxury at a Palm Springs Boutique Hotel

After many tedious weeks of quarantining and sheltering at home, our country is starting to open up again. But it will be, as they say, “a new normal.” For those older or at-risk people who have been strictly following the quarantine protocols…

Enjoy Specialty Cocktail Delivery in Palm Springs

Imagine the days of Greta Garbo, Marilyn Monroe, and Frank Sinatra. Envision them sitting by the pool sipping amazing cocktails and enjoying a Palm Springs hideaway. These stars and others stayed at many of the boutique Palm Springs Preferred…

When the time is right, Palm Springs has your stay

It’s important that people stay safe and close to home during this unprecedented crisis — doing so slows down the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus and reduces the risk for contagion. That’s why large gatherings have been suspended in…
The outside of Sakura
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A taste of Tokyo in the California desert

George Cebra brought his love of Japan to Palm Springs. Sakura, the Japanese-style bed and breakfast, offers a unique experience. At Sakura — which means "cherry blossom" in Japanese —  guests can wear kimonos and slippers, and sliding…
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Design-driven Boutique Hotel Les Cactus Debuts In Palm Springs

Centrally located in the Warm Sands neighborhood of Palm Springs, the historic 1930's property has been refreshed under the direction of up-and-coming LA-based hotelier/designer Matthew Kurtz in partnership with local hoteliers Richard Crisman…
Village Fest Palm Springs
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March in Palm Springs: Activities Galore

March is one of the best times to visit Palm Springs. The weather is balmy, lots of flowers are in bloom, and activities abound.  Whatever your interest may be — hiking, biking, culture, art, shopping, history, entertainment, eating or drinking…
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Hotel California: You can leave — but why would you want to?

Neil Mehta was impressed as soon as he walked onto the grounds of the Hotel California. The Hotel California is consistently voted as one of the top hotels in not just Palm Springs, but the entire country. That's just one of the reasons…
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Winner Announced in Desert Gay Tourism Guild Poster and T-Shirt Contest.

The  is pleased to announce that Danny Warhole has won its first annual Greater Palm Springs Play Gay, Stay Gay Poster & T-Shirt Contest.  “The Board voted unanimously for Danny’s design,” said Michael C. Green, DGTG President.…

Modern for the People

Love desert modern design? This fabulous story by Alan Hess in Palm Springs Life tells how the Alexander Family put desert modern living within reach for Palm Springs.
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Coyote Inn’s Chris and Barb Miller: From guests to owners

For years, the Coyote Inn was where Chris and Barb Miller would go when they needed an escape. Now, it's home. The Millers have owned the Coyote Inn since 2008. They fell in love with it as guests, when they would leave their donut business…
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Downtown Palm Springs: Vibrant & Flourishing

Downtown Palm Springs (roughly defined as from the north end of Alejo Rd. and south to Ramon Rd.) offers visitors a vibrant combination of the old and the new. The sidewalks are wide, the mid-century and Spanish-style storefronts are charming,…
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Palm Springs After Dark: Five Amazing Stops

While Palm Springs may be best known for its sunny skies and daytime activities — such as hikes and walks, bike rides, shopping sprees, and leisurely swims in gorgeous pools —its nightlife is just as abundant and enticing. There are many…
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The very definition of serene

The Santiago Resort celebrated its 20th anniversary by undergoing a complete transformation, but its mission remains the same — to provide guests with outstanding service in a serene environment. The Santiago first opened its doors in the…

Dive into Valentine’s Day

Dive Palm Springs Treat your other half to a weekend getaway at Dive Palm Springs this Valentine's Day. The newly launched hotel will be offering a special package to help set the mood for an intimate and romantic evening in one…
Amin Casa exterior
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Amin Casa is your home away from home

Amin Casa embodies the quiet sophistication of Palm Springs, with a twist of old Hollywood glamour. Once the residence of actress Gloria Swanson, Amin Casa made its debut in the Historic Tennis Club neighborhood in November 2016, following…

February and March Palm Springs Preferred Small Hotels LGBTQ Events

It’s event season here in Palm Springs and the weather is beautiful. Our quaint town is buzzing with activity and fun events. Check out these must-attend upcoming LGBTQ events in Palm Springs. February 8, 2020 The 26th Annual Steve…
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A Valentine’s Day Getaway to Palm Springs

By Mary Farah Valentine’s Day road trip, anyone? I’m that person who is a sucker for Valentine’s Day. While long gone are the days of exchanging “Be Mine” valentines, I love the chance to get away with my husband. With the pressure…
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Serenity now

Gorgeous rooms? Check. Relaxing spa with a variety of services? Check. A sparkling pool? Check. Restaurant with rooftop lounge and intriguing cocktails? Check. Everything you need for the perfect Palm Springs stay is at La Serena Villas.…
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5 Don’t-Miss Events in Palm Springs: February 2020

February is full of fun happenings in Palm Springs! Tour de Palm Springs    2/7 - 2/8 The Tour de Palm Springs cycling event is back for its 22nd year, raising money for nonprofit organizations in the Coachella Valley. The event…
INNdulge Hotel
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Take full advantage of being on vacation

The name says it all. At INNdulge, guests take full advantage of being on vacation, relaxing in the saltwater pool and 12-man jacuzzi and reveling in the property’s gardens. This clothing optional gay men’s resort in the Warm Sands neighborhood…
Sparrows Lodge pool
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Instagram-able Palm Springs Small Hotels: Sparrows Lodge

We’re back with the next feature in our series on Instagram-able small hotels in Palm Springs, featuring the rustic chic Sparrows Lodge. Originally built in 1952 as Castle’s Red Barn by MGM actor Don Castle, the property was a popular…
BelleVue Oasis pool

A stunning oasis in Tahquitz River Estates

With its tropical courtyard and mature palms, BelleVue Oasis is a hidden paradise in Palm Springs. A mid-century modern property dating back to the 1950s, BelleVue Oasis officially opened for business in September 2019. Formerly Escape Resort,…
The Wesley is essentially a gated community, ensuring privacy

Where low-key meets mid-century

The Wesley is all about the fun. From giant Jenga and Connect 4 to the splashworthy courtyard pool, guests make memories here that will last forever. The Wesley is a mid-century modern micro resort, where the flats are fully-stocked and…
The Aloha Hotel is a woman-owned property in the Tahquitz River Estates
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Nostalgia and comfort collide at the Aloha Hotel

The Aloha Hotel embraces its vintage vibes. Built in 1947, this Tahquitz River Estates property has 11 poolside rooms containing original furniture and decor (don't worry — the mattresses are new!). A visit to the Aloha Hotel is a step…
Boutiquely Palm Springs - Alcazar
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Boutiquely Palm Springs: Video Tour of the Alcazar Palm Springs

An Art District uptown favorite, The Alcazar Palm Springs is ideally located in walking distance to just about everything fabulous!  Enjoy this video tour with founder Tara Lazar Alcazar and General manager, Robert Hunt.
Chaps Inn caters to the gay leather and bear communities

Where comfort and privacy meet

The Chaps Inn offers comfort and relaxation in a secluded environment. Stuart and Ian have owned the resort for almost 20 years, coming to Palm Springs from the UK. "We had nothing to do with the hotel business at all, we just went…
Red Carpet Run

6 Don’t-Miss Events in Palm Springs: January 2020

Start the new year off with some fun events in Palm Springs! Artwalk at the Backstreet Art District     1/1 On the first Wednesday of each month, the galleries of the Backstreet Art District in South Palm Springs open their doors for…
L'Horizon Pool and mountains - Jeff Mindell
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Instagram-able Palm Springs Small Hotels: L’Horizon Resort & Spa

Next up in our series of articles on the most Instagram-worthy small hotels in Palm Springs is L’Horizon Resort & Spa. In 1952, Jack Wrather, producer of Lassie and The Lone Ranger, wanted a desert retreat for himself and his Hollywood…
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You’ll want to Dive right in

Step foot on the Dive Palm Springs property, and you'll immediately be transported to the French Riviera of the 1960s. Dive Palm Springs opened in August 2019 after a two-month renovation. The hotel was built in 1954 as the Sunrise Villa,…
Walk of the Inns
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Capture the Holiday Spirit at the Walk of the Inns

The holidays have come to Palm Springs. Just because the weather is warm (and beautiful) doesn’t mean that you can’t find the holiday spirit. One way to do that is to go on the Walk of the Inns on December 12, where you can enjoy a festive…
The Bearfoot Inn is proud to serve the gay community, in one of the most LGBT-friendly cities in the world.

Laid-back vibes in the heart of Palm Springs

The charming Bearfoot Inn is the only gay men's clothing-optional resort in Palm Springs' historic Movie Colony neighborhood, putting it just steps away from all the action of downtown. Once they arrived in Palm Springs, Glen Boomhour and…
This mid-century modern hotel has everything you need for a fabulous vacation.
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A retro hideaway: Desert Riviera

At the beloved Desert Riviera, guests become family. This mid-century modern hotel has a loyal — and even international — fanbase, with some guests coming to stay multiple times a year. The Desert Riviera has everything you need for a…
Los Arboloes Poolside

In Palm Springs, there’s no such thing as the Winter Blues

This winter, forget about shoveling snow and bundling up. Treat yourself to a vacation in Palm Springs, where your biggest concern is which bathing suit to wear down to the pool. Several of Palm Springs Preferred Small Hotels — all boutique…
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Instagram-able Palm Springs Small Hotels: Villa Royale

Next up in our series of articles on the most Instagram-worthy small hotels in Palm Springs is Villa Royale. This beautiful property reopened in 2018 after an extensive renovation by its new owners, turning the property into a very popular destination…
The Andalusian Court is peaceful and romantic.
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The Andalusian Court: A magical experience

There are many words guests use to describe The Andalusian Court — romantic, private, serene, stunning — but one is used over and over again: Magical. "The grounds are lush and full of water features and fountains and at night it…
PS Gay Men's Chorus - Modern Family Holiday

December and January Palm Springs Preferred Small Hotels LGBTQ Events

It’s holiday season here in Palm Springs and the town is buzzing with activity and fun events. Schedule a getaway and get in some room-side pool time and holiday shopping while you’re in town checking out these don’t miss LGBTQ events…
Palm Springs Tram Christmas Tree

6 Don’t-Miss Events in Palm Springs: December 2019

By Katy Carrier Palm Springs’ busy season is underway, with great events happening during the month of December! Palm Springs Tramway Tree Lighting  12/1 Take a trip up the Palm Springs Tram to enjoy their annual Tree Lighting Ceremony…
A Place In The Sun Hotel
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They found their Place in the Sun

Norma and Ron Van Meeteren didn’t set out to own and operate a hotel, but in October 1999, the couple found themselves embarking on an exciting journey now in its 20th year. At the time, Norma and Ron had been selling real estate and…
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Instagrammable Palm Springs Small Hotels: Holiday House

By Katie Carrier   Palm Springs boasts a treasure trove of small hotels with big style that are ideal for guests seeking the perfect Instagram moment. Holiday House Palm Springs is one of the more recent additions to these local offerings,…
Mother and daughter getway to Palm Springs
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Mother & Daughter Getaway to Palm Springs

By Susan Montgomery My daughter (who is 40-something) is a busy surgeon in San Diego.  I love to travel with her, but she does not have much time to get away. The challenge is: Where can we enjoy a weekend getaway that is not too far away…
Blogger Elaine Masters experienced everything Palm Springs has to offer during a recent 3-day trip.

Discover the best classic Palm Springs small hotels

Blogger Elaine Masters wanted a classic Palm Springs vacation, and that's exactly what she had, soaking in the city's sights and visiting some of the most popular hotels, from the Spanish-style Los Arboles to the Art Deco-inspired Westcott.
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La Maison Hoteliers Focus on Serenity and Friendly Service

By Susan Montgomery La Maison, a thirteen-room boutique hotel, offers guests a lushly landscaped oasis in the heart of Palm Springs. It is owned by Cornelia Schuster and Richard Slosky who opened their doors in February, 2012, although the…

5 Don’t-Miss Events in Palm Springs: November 2019

Palm Springs’ busy season is underway, with great events happening during the month of November! Greater Palm Springs Pride  11/1-3 This popular LGBTQ festival brings the community together for free events that celebrate diversity,…

Visually stunning, the Villa Royale is an escape from the ordinary

The Villa Royale has long been a desert hideaway, and now, it's more stunning than ever. The 38-room property, built in 1947, reopened in the fall of 2018 with a fresh, modern look. Co-owner and co-designer John Janulis told the Desert Sun…

Fantastically Authentic Community at Palm Springs Pride

By Linda Milks Palm Springs is home to one of the largest Pride parades in the country where the entire community—queer and straight—celebrates diversity, authenticity, and civil liberties. It’s also just a great time! For 39 years,…
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The Avanti Hotel: Privacy for you — and your pets

At the Avanti Hotel, the guest experience is of utmost importance. Owner Jim Rutledge ensures that he knows where visitors are traveling from and what they enjoy doing, in order to offer recommendations and keep the hotel safe and secure. Owner…
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Revitalized Palm Springs Attracts Multi-Generational Visitors

Walking into the Palm Springs Rendezvous, blogger Jan Smith was taken aback by the hotel's "timeless elegance." Her visit only got better when she learned she would be staying in the "Pretty in Pink" room, where Marilyn Monroe would spend the…
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Orbit In: A true blast from the past

The Orbit In embraces its mid-century modern roots, wowing guests with its retro furnishings, lively pool area, and — of course — those irresistible Orbitinis, served every night during happy hour. During their second stay at the Orbit…

Slip Into Nothing But Sunshine in Palm Springs

Palm Springs, known for its welcoming, “come as you are,” spirit and iconic desert modern living, has rightfully earned its place on every self-respecting queer’s bucket list. But be warned, once you visit, you’ll want to keep returning…
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Tableside Preparation Highlights Dining at Melvyn’s

Melvyn’s is one of my favorite restaurants in Palm Springs because of its old world ambiance, attentive service, and classic dishes. Dimly lit with white tablecloths and Modigliani paintings enhancing the elegant décor, the setting is intimate,…
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Fall in love with Palm Springs’ newest boutique hotels

Dive Palm Springs, BelleVue Oasis join the Palm Springs Preferred Small Hotels family. It was a summer of change in Palm Springs, and this fall, you'll want to check out — and check into — the newest boutique hotels to open in the city. Dive…
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Amin Casa Palm Springs

Amin Casa is steeped in Hollywood history. Once the private retreat of Hollywood star Gloria Swanson, it has been lovingly restored and is now one of Palm Springs' most glamorous boutique hotels. During a recent visit, blogger Marie-Annick couldn't…
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Boutiquely Palm Springs: Video Tour of Triangle Inn Palm Springs

Enjoy this video tour of the men’s clothing optional Triangle Inn Palm Springs with hotelier, Michael Green. This historical mid-century modern resort was originally the Impala Lodge designed by the legendary Hugh Kaptor.

Let these YouTubers take you on a tour of gay Palm Springs

Before you book your next stay at a men's clothing-optional hotel in Palm Springs, take a virtual tour of some of the city's finest resorts. These YouTubers did the legwork for you, showcasing in their videos the best of the best when it…
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Boutiquely Palm Springs: Video Tour of The Monkey Tree Hotel

Take a video tour of The Monkey Tree Hotel! This classic mid-century modern hotel is a Palm Springs time capsule.  Perfectly restored with meticulous attention to detail by owners Kathy and Gary Friedle, who preserved the original architecture…

Five Great Breakfasts in Palm Springs

One of the best parts of travel to Europe is waking up to a special breakfast served at a small, boutique hotel. The thought put into these unique and mouth-watering breakfasts, along with a perfect cup of coffee or cappuccino, never fails to…

Palm Springs: A Cocktail Haven

Palm Springs attracts visitors for so many reasons—from its wonderful weather (the best in the country some say) to its charming boutique hotels, but did you know that this fabulous travelers’ destination is also a haven for some of the most imaginative and delicious cocktails in the world?
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A Charming, Elegant Inn — Right in the Heart of Palm Springs!

With only 13 rooms, La Maison is where you go when you want to experience utter tranquility in a secluded spot. Blogger Deirdre Michalski discovered during a recent stay that this beautiful property is one of Palm Springs' hidden gems, with flowers and fountains everywhere you turn.

Enchanting Palm Springs

Los Arboles is the perfect place for a getaway, blogger Linda Milks says — with its central pool, lush foliage, Spanish touches, and excellent Mexican restaurant, El Mirasol, it has everything you need, all within walking distance to downtown Palm Springs.

Palm Springs: Small Hotels Offer Charm & Character for Every Traveler

What makes Palm Springs the perfect getaway? The year-round activities — hiking, golfing, cultural experiences — and world-class dining top the list, but the boutique hotels are the city's crown jewel. Members of the International Food, Wine, and Travel Writers Association recently discovered just how phenomenal hotels like Los Arboles, the Santiago Resort, and The Westcott are, and how they stand out in the desert.
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Cinema Diverse + a stay at a Palm Springs Preferred Small Hotel = one amazing weekend

Come for the movies, stay for the weekend. Now in its 12th year, Cinema Diverse: The Palm Springs LGBTQ Film Festival will run from Thursday, Sept. 19 through Sunday, Sept. 22, at the historic Camelot Theatres. Cinema Diverse celebrates LGBTQ movies, presenting gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender films from around the world.
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A Getaway to Palm Springs, Part 1: Staying at Arrive Palm Springs

Staying at Arrive Palm Springs was everything blogger Mary Farah hoped it would be — her room was spacious, the pool was just steps away, and she was able to kick back and relax in the desert heat.

Palm Springs — Where Hollywood’s Heyday Lives On

Blogger Tom Plant was introduced to a side of Palm Springs he'd never seen before. With the luxurious yet comfortable Santiago Resort as his home base, he explored the city, learning all about its past while indulging in amazing delicacies found only in Palm Springs.

Triangle Inn – Award-winning, historic Palm Springs Resort

By Steven Skelley and Thomas Routzong The Triangle Inn Palm Springs offers guests a private walled enclave where they can relax and be themselves. We are not for people who want an anonymous vacation. When people stay with us, we get to know them, and they, in turn, get to know us, and the other guests.
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Royale Redux: Portland hoteliers breathe new life into Villa Royale, a beloved Palm Springs getaway.

John Janulis is not the first guy from the Pacific Northwest to fall in love with Palm Springs (nor will he be the last) but he is the latest and greatest, making a splash with the sleek and seductive renovation of an old Hollywood haunt…

So Cal Restaurant Show Interviews Innkeeper Richard Slosky

Being an innkeeper at one of Palm Springs' most beloved hotels is a great way to make a living. La Maison's Richard Slosky recently appeared on the So Cal Restaurant Show to talk about why he opened the hotel with his wife, Cornelia Schuster, and what it's like to welcome guests from around the world to Palm Springs.

Palm Springs Can’t Miss Summer Specials

The crowds are gone and the deals are hot. If you can't get enough of the sun, there's no better place to spend the summer than in Palm Springs — and it's even better when you score a hot deal.

A Getaway Fit for Hollywood Royalty

Amin Casa dates back to the 1930s, when actress Gloria Swanson purchased the spectacular property and used it as a desert retreat, a place to go where she could escape the bright lights of Hollywood.

The Design That Launched a Career

He's been called the "Desert Maverick" who brought "Fifth Avenue to the desert," and the project that put him on the map was the Del Marcos Hotel.
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Monkey Tree Hotel: Vintage Charm in Palm Springs

Blogger Debra Schroeder of Traveling Well for Less found herself captivated by the Albert Frey-designed Monkey Tree Hotel, with its mid-century modern architecture and fun vintage decor.

It’s Time to Check in to These New and Reimagined Palm Springs Boutique Hotels

From The Weekend to the newly-expanded Willows Historic Palm Springs Inn, the hotel landscape of Palm Springs is changing. There's never been a more exciting time to visit a Palm Springs boutique hotel, soaking up the sun and as much fun as possible.

Three Days in Palm Springs

Michael Green, owner of The Triangle Inn and president of Palm Springs Preferred Small Hotels, recently chatted with Big Blend Radio to spill on what it's like to run a hotel in one of the most exciting cities in California.
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The Willows Historic Palm Springs Doubles in Size with Addition of 9-Room Bishop House

The eight-room Willows Historic Palm Springs Inn, a luxury destination built in 1925 as a private residence and operating as the city’s only Four-Diamond hideaway since 1996, has more than doubled in size with the opening of The Bishop House last week. The historic compound now has a combined total of 17 rooms and suites divided among a pair of historic estates with each room boasting its own floorplan and design.

La Maison Sweeps Trip Advisor’s Traveler’ Choice Awards

Travelers' Choice awards are the highest honor TripAdvisor gives. Based on reviews and opinions from millions of travelers, La Maison of Palm Springs swept several major categories – which places it in the top 1% of hotels. Book your stay now!
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Palm Springs: Design Heats Up for Modernism Week

By Nicole Anderson, Modern Magazine If Palm Springs is synonymous with modern architecture, then Modernism Week is the celebration of Modern Palm Springs. Several boutique hotels, including The Triangle Inn Palm Springs, L’Horizon Palm Springs, and The Monkey Tree offer stellar examples of the mid-century aesthetic. Nicole Anderson’s piece for Modern Magazine, beautifully summarizes the appeal of Palm Springs mid-century architecture.

A Second Act in Palm Springs

Palm Springs, California, is a tourist destination, welcoming millions of visitors every year from around the world. There are dozens of boutique hotels catering to all types of travelers — architectural aficionados, party animals, wellness-minded…

Enter to Win Free Palm Springs Vacation

Everyone has an opinion and we want to know yours! So, tell us, what do you think of Palm Springs? Share your thoughts and you will be entered to win a Free Palm Springs Vacation.
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New Boutique Hotels Make a Splash in Palm Springs

There's never been a more exciting time to visit a Palm Springs boutique hotel and cast off winter’s gloom.

Take a Bite out of Holiday House

The Pantry, under the leadership of Chef Gabriel Woo, has two theme nights every week: Cantina Night on Tuesdays and Fried Chicken Fridays. Inspired by a south-of-the-border fiesta, Cantina Night's menu includes fun appetizers, like the Papitas con Limon y Chile (potato chips with lime and HH Hot Sauce), and carnitas, chicken tinga, and mushroom tacos. Seafood lovers can order the tostada de ceviche, and for dessert, there's the indulgent dark chocolate brownie with cinnamon, chipotle, orange, and ice cream. Of course, there are also handcrafted cocktails
, ,

Get Ready for Your Close-up at Korakia Pensione

Korakia Pensione (https://www.palmspringspreferredsmallhotels.com/stay/korakia-pensione) is one of Palm Springs' most unique hotels.

Welcome to the Jungle…Room

Decorating The Monkey Tree Hotel (https://www.palmspringspreferredsmallhotels.com/stay/monkey-tree-hotel) has been a blast for Kathy Friedle.

Ruby Montana’s Coral Sands Inn: Where Every Room has a Theme

No two rooms are alike at Ruby Montana's Coral Sands Inn (https://www.palmspringspreferredsmallhotels.com/stay/ruby-montanas-coral-sands).

Hang out with Frank and Raquel at The Palm Springs Hotel

The Palm Springs Hotel (https://www.palmspringspreferredsmallhotels.com/stay/palm-springs-hotel) is sleek and modern, but owner Denise Adams made sure to include a nod to some of Hollywood's finest.
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The Triangle Inn Owners are Nearing a Milestone Anniversary: 20 Years in Palm Springs

For Michael Green, the past two decades feel like they've gone by in the blink of an eye.
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Azuñia Tequila & Azúcar Palm Springs Crafts Four-Course Pairing Dinner

Located in the heart of glamorous Palm Springs, Azúcar, the charming restaurant within the luxury boutique hotel, La Serena Villas, couples with the delicious, estate-crafted tequila, Azuñia tequila. For one evening, starting at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, July 16, four tequila cocktails will be paired with carefully prepared dishes by the chefs at Azúcar.
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Locationship: Episode 3, Featuring Alcazar Palm Springs

One location. One day. No itinerary. This is Locationship, a “hybrid of storytelling, travel and culture that reveals a city through the lens of the people who call it home.” In this episode, Chloe May travels to our beautiful desert oasis of Palm Springs, CA.
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Bringing European style and Canadian hospitality to Palm Springs

By Kevin Perry The human soul is a roadmap of where we’ve been and where we want to be. Every journey shapes our perspective until the global becomes local, and vice versa. That’s why entering La Maison feels like jet setting around the world without leaving the comfort of Palm Springs.
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The Spa Insider Profile: L’Horizon Resort and Spa

Lizzie Sherman, Creative Director at The Spa Insider, recently interviewed Alyssa McDonald, Director of Spa Operations, to gain an insider’s perspective about what makes a visit to L’Horizon Resort & Spa the perfect choice for a relaxing Palm Springs getaway. Hint: Prepare to relax just reading about it.
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Adventure & Architecture: A solo getaway in Palm Springs satisfies the need to explore

Wanderlust must be in my DNA. There are times when my innate desire to travel and explore wells up like hot lava that’s about to burst from a volcano, and I have no choice but to hit the road. Traveling via airplane fills the need, too, but there’s something about being on the open road that feels the most liberating—plus, I can pack as many pairs of shoes and hats as I want without paying extra baggage fees.
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Instagrammable Palm Springs Spot. The Monkey Tree Hotel

By Diana Elizabeth Steffen I discovered one of the most Instagrammable spots in Palm Springs.
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Melvyn’s, the Iconic Palm Springs Restaurant, Remains a Special Dining Experience

David Cohen, the Restaurant reviewer for the Southern California News Group, recently reviewed Ingleside Inn’s iconic Hollywood glam restaurant, Melvyn’s.
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INNdulge Resort Palm Springs: Gay Traveler’s Interview with Owner, Jon Jackson

By Steven Skelley and Thomas Routzong, Gay Travelers Magazine Palm Springs, California is a wonderful place for anyone to visit but it is especially significant for gay travelers. Palm Springs has an inclusive, welcoming vibe, excellent entertainment and dining options, beautiful views and a variety of quality gay resorts to choose from.

Independent Films. Independent Stays.

If you love the creative style of independent filmmakers, then staying at a small independently-owned hotel will fit right in with your ethos. Every hotel is beautifully curated for an extraordinary experience.

Santiago Creates the Santiago Resort Getaway Giveaway

We love the guys over at the Santiago. They’re fun and they really know how to take care of their guests. They created the 2018 Santiago Resort Getaway Giveaway, and you could win a Palm Springs Experience for two, complete with four nights of accommodations at Santiago Resort – the premiere gay male resort in Palm Springs, $500 toward airfare, dinner for two at one of Palm Springs favorite eateries, an unforgettable view of the desert valley and a Joshua Tree Jeep Adventure.
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Steps in the Right Direction. Discovering what nature-lovers get so excited about with a visit to Palm Springs

Author: Andrew Schaeffer I’m not an outdoorsy guy. I’m in my element when I’m lounging on the couch binging something on Netflix. But, I needed to change that habit and get out and get moving—and what better way to do so than by going somewhere with plenty of outdoor activities?

Apply Sunscreen (Everywhere)

Big changes at work had me feeling stressed and I needed some relaxation. While gossiping around the water cooler, a co-worker suggested doing something I’d never considered before: staying at a gay, all-male, clothing-optional resort in Palm Springs. I, being a guy who likes putting on pants in the morning, wasn’t sure about the idea. I didn’t really know much about Palm Springs—from the freeway, it looked like a wind farm. But the idea lingered and doing something wildly out of character was exactly what I needed for perspective.

Tortuga Del Sol – One of the most beautiful clothing optional gay resorts we have ever experienced

By Steven Skelley and Thomas Routzong We were invited to Palm Springs to learn more about the privately owned boutique resorts catering to gay men. After meeting one of the owners of Tortuga Del Sol at an old Frank Sinatra hangout for dinner, we spent three incredibly relaxing days enjoying Tortuga Del Sol. It is one of the most beautiful clothing optional gay resorts we have ever experienced.

How To Enjoy Three Palm Springs Gay Resorts In One Week

By Steven Skelley and Thomas Routzong Our Palm Springs adventure began as we stepped off our plane into the Palm Springs International Airport. The first thing we noticed was the aroma. The open air design of the airport means that passengers are immediately greeted by the fresh, clean Palm Springs air. After six hours on a plane, it is a simple pleasure.

My Normal Gay Life: J. Harvey’s Palm Spring Gay Guide

Let’s visit gay Palm Springs! — That’s right! Palm Springs is totally gay! The city is described colloquially as the oasis of the Coachella Valley desert and it is a city unlike any other offering a respite from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life with the perfect amount of kitsch. Located approximately two hours by car from Los Angeles and surrounded by desert and multiple mountain ranges, this modern city offers the perfect combination of nature and urban sophistication.

Walk of the Inns, a Palm Springs Holiday Tradition

One night each winter, several distinctive boutique hotels in Palm Springs take part in the Walk of Inns, opening their doors to welcome all visitors. This annual event, now in its 23rd year, is a free, self-guided walking tour and fun way for the public to get to know the eclectic properties in the neighborhoods between Ramon Road and Tahquitz Canyon Way.

The Palm Springs Hotel: A deep love for Palm Springs

Growing up in Los Angeles, Denise Adams grew up vacationing in Palm Springs. She loved those visits to the desert, and when she sold her greeting card business and the opportunity came up to purchase an older hotel for sale on North Palm Canyon Drive, she jumped on it.
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A Palm Springs Getaway That You May Not know About

We always love it when travel writers visit Palm Springs and stay in one of our uniquely beautiful, independently-owned Palm Springs boutique hotels. But it is particularly heartening when a writer like Joanna visits us and is completely captivated by the charm of her hotel and Palm Springs. Joanna recently stayed at the Alcazar and here’s what she had to say about her trip.

Pride Week: Stay Independent & Diverse!

If you’re heading to Palm Springs for Pride Week, forget the big hotels and experience what community is all about. Palm Springs has dozens of charming, independently-owned boutique hotels that are just as unique as you. And that’s important because Palm Spring Pride is like no other. Here, community is defined very broadly and allies are enthusiastically celebrated.
Alcazar Hotel

7 Top Things to do in Palm Springs in Summer

Some like it hot! Palm Springs, California, can frequently reach over 100 degrees in the summer, but nice swimming pools, fabulous hotels and cool activities make it a fun place to get away for a weekend or even spend a week unwinding. From museums to botanical gardens, homemade gourmet ice cream to mile-high fun, Palm Springs is the perfect luxury getaway in summer. These 7 activities in Palm Springs will help you get the most out of your relaxing desert escape.

Ruby Montana’s Coral Sands Inn: Where Magic Happens

When Ruby Montana packed her bags and left Seattle in 2000, it was front page news. The Seattle Times ran a story about Ruby's big move, and the fact that she was closing the vintage store she operated for nearly 18 years. "They ran a funny headline," she said. "'Montana Leaves Washington for California.'"

The Del Marcos Hotel: A historic landmark that feels new

It's the property that launched the solo career of one of Palm Springs' most influential and innovative architects. The Del Marcos Hotel was designed by the famed William F. Cody in 1947, his first independent commission in Palm Springs.…

Holiday House is going back to its roots, while embracing modern style.

The Herbert W. Burns-designed luxury hotel was built in 1951, and has been reimagined by interior designer Mark D. Sikes. After several years as the Chase Hotel, the new Holiday House opened on May 1, 2017, with 28 guest rooms and calming shades of blue throughout the property. All of the completely remodeled rooms have oversized showers, Waterworks bath hardware, and Malin +Goetz bath amenities, and some have private outdoor space and Smeg appliances.

Korakia Pensione.: A retreat unlike any other

There's no place like the Korakia Pensione.

Women rule at these Palm Springs Preferred Small Hotels

Women are shaking things up in Palm Springs. Many of the boutique hotels in Palm Springs are owned or co-owned by women, and each one has her own distinct story on how she became a hotelier.

Why every gay man should visit Palm Springs at least once in his life

Early evening, and the still-blistering heat of Palm Springs, California conspires with the cooling blue of an outdoor swimming pool. I consider downing my Martini, ripping off my dinner wear and diving in. An older gay gentleman with the right idea comes walking towards me, palm outstretched, smiling widely.

Pack your bags for a Girls’ Getaway to Palm Springs!

Pack your bags! We are off for a Girls’ Getaway to Palm Springs, a city of luxurious, boutique hotels designed to pamper and emanate old world charm from those days of past Hollywood glamour and relaxation.

Airlines add new connections to and from Palm Springs International Airport

Five major airlines have announced expanded services at Palm Springs International Airport (PSP) just since May of 2018 to accommodate the 2.2 million total passengers estimated in the coming year.

Inside the Coachella Valley: A Beautiful Oasis

Joel Martens, editor at Rage Monthly wrote this great piece about his recent Palm Springs visit. He stayed at the lovely Tortuga Del Sol, but also mentions several clothing optional resorts that are located within the city.

The Triangle Inn: Where guests become friends

Michael Green and Stephen Boyd traded in careers in the advertising business, and the humidity of Atlanta, for the resort life and year round sunshine of Palm Springs.

Amin Casa is your home away from home

Amin Casa embodies the quiet sophistication of Palm Springs, with a twist of old Hollywood glamour. Once the residence of actress Gloria Swanson, Amin Casa made its debut in the Historic Tennis Club neighborhood in November 2016, following several months of major renovations both inside and out. "Amin" means "ours" in Tagalog, while "casa" is Spanish for "home," and owners Ramon Bautista and Nelson Cooley want it to feel like "your home away from home."
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Palm Springs Makes Hot Fun

PALM SPRINGS, California (May 25, 2018) —Summers in Palm Springs sizzle, but given its low humidity, summer is celebrated in ways that other destinations simply can’t match. From museums to Botanical Gardens, homemade gourmet ice cream to mile-high fun, Palm Springs is perfect for luxuriating in dry summer heat.

The Monkey Tree Hotel: A true 1960s time capsule

Kathy and Gary Friedle left the hustle and bustle of New York City for the laid-back ambiance of Palm Springs, and never looked back. Kathy is an architect and worked as a studio director at Gensler, while Gary was the chief operating officer at a private wealth management firm on Wall Street, but when their older son announced he wanted to go to college on the west coast, it got them thinking about their family's future and the possibility of a move and a dramatic change.

Boutique hotel restaurants to participate in Greater Palm Springs Restaurant Week

PALM SPRINGS, California (May 24, 2018) — From June 1 to 17, dozens of the best restaurants in the Coachella Valley will participate in Greater Palm Springs Restaurant Week, including five restaurants located inside Palm Springs Preferred Small Hotels.
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How to plan the perfect Palm Springs retreat

With its amazing weather year-round, Palm Springs is the place to host corporate, creative, and wellness retreats, and everything in between PALM SPRINGS, California (April 5, 2018) — Like real estate, planning a retreat is all about…

Where art deco meets the desert

Mathew Westcott grew up in the hospitality business, and now with The Westcott Hotel, he's making his mark in Palm Springs. "Palm Springs has been a favorite vacation spot for me for many years and the city has continued to grow and develop — I wanted to be part of that journey," he says.

Stay & Eat. Quintessentially Delicious.

Known for their intimate and extraordinary lodgings, several Palm Springs boutique hotels also have on-site restaurants that round out an authentic stay experience. Kitchens are run by chefs dedicated to creating thoughtfully prepared, and often locally sourced, meals with their own twist.

How to choose a men’s clothing-optional resort

The city is home to more than 20 men's clothing-optional boutique hotels, where guests are free to roam the property sans attire. These resorts are known for their gorgeous pools and spas, steam rooms, gardens, and comfortable accommodations. For first-time visitors, there are some things to keep in mind when it comes to choosing a clothing-optional hotel.

Chasing the Heat

My boyfriend Paul and I just couldn’t get it together. We’ve been dating for close to four years, and with opposing schedules, separate houses and part-time kids, being able to spend quality time alone is rare. So when the miraculous happened and we had a week to ourselves, we decided to get out of town for a romantic getaway. We wanted to go somewhere special, somewhere sexy: hot even. “What about the desert? We could go to Palm Springs.” I suggested one night.

Meet The Westcott

A Palm Springs classic boutique hotel --Posh Palm Springs-- has changed management and its name. Now known as The Westcott, this stunning hotel provides a timeless art deco style retreat in a relaxed adults-only atmosphere.

Quintessentially Gay Stays in Palm Springs

Don’t bother looking for the gay district in the desert resort town of Palm Springs. That’s because LGTBQ culture is the back bone of all of Palm Springs life. From night clubs to restaurants, boutique hotels to well, boutiques, Palm Springs may be the queerest, gay-fueled resort town on the planet.

Cruise your way through Palm Springs

There's no better way to see Palm Springs than by bike, and several boutique hotels in the city offer complimentary use of cruisers during the day. Just off of North Indian Canyon Drive, The Avanti Hotel is a short ride away from the shops, restaurants, and nightlife in downtown Palm Springs. Hop on and hit such hotspots as Copa, Tropicale, and Jake's. The Avanti Hotel, 354 E. Stevens Road, Palm Springs. 760-327-3866.

Spending time in Palm Springs? Insider Tips: Must Dos

Who knows Palm Springs better than the men and women who own and operate or manage the city's boutique hotels? Here are a few recommendations on must-do activities and places to see during your trip.

Calling all Architecture Aficionados

Palm Springs is known for being a haven for mid-century enthusiasts, but there are so many different architectural styles scattered around the city. The Del Marcos Hotel was designed by famed architect William F. Cody, his first independent commission in Palm Springs. This modernist hotel launched his career in the desert, and received an award from the Southern California chapter of the AIA for its cutting edge design.

Eat your way through Palm Springs

Foodies looking for a place to stay with on-property dining are in luck — several boutique hotels in Palm Springs have their own restaurants with menus that appeal to everyone. The Ingleside Inn's iconic Melvyn's Restaurant has served everyone from Frank Sinatra to Liza Minnelli. Gourmet dishes are prepared table side, like Sinatra's favorite, the Steak Diane, and delicious desserts like Crepes Suzette and Cherries Jubilee. Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner seven days a week, there's also a bar and special weekend brunch menu with endless champagne for just $9 a person.