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A microphone and stand on a stage with lights and people in the background

You’re A Star: Karaoke And Open Mics In Palm Springs

In the mid-1980s, I was touring with a cover band for the DoD. When we were in Okinawa, a couple of the flyboys took us to a bar and I saw and sang karaoke for the first time ever. I’d never even heard of it at the time but came home and told…
Rocky ledges and palms surround the beautiful pool at Sparrows Lodge Hotel in Palm Springs, California

Palm Springs Boutique Hotels Receive Michelin Keys Honors

For the first time, the Michelin Guide has awarded Michelin Keys in the United States, and four Palm Springs Preferred Small Hotels made the list: Dive Palm Springs, Holiday House, La Serena Villas, and Sparrows Lodge. Michelin said its Keys…
The windmills of Palm Springs on a sunny day

In The Merry Merry Month Of May: A Palm Springs Events Guide

We’re rolling into summer, which means hotter days with evenings in the 70s (we’re leaving it a surprise as to whether it’s high or low 70s).  So far, we’ve made it through the International Film Festival, Modernism Week, the BNP,…
The pool at La Serena Villas in Palm Springs, California, is surrounded by lounge chairs and palms

Even More Fabulous Palm Springs Destination Wedding Tips

Although this is a continuation of my first destination wedding post, it’s a bit of a "Chinese menu" if you will — one from this column, one from that column. You just need to decide on which one from each menu. Also here, you will find…
A fountain in front of Ingleside Inn in Palm Springs, California

Best Palm Springs Boutique Hotels For A Destination Wedding

There are only a few places to have a destination wedding in these United States where it's pretty much guaranteed you’ll have sunny skies, and Palm Springs is one of them. This is a big little town, intimate but offering a lot for your guests…
Bright pink bougainvilleas against a white background

What’s Blooming In Palm Springs: April Events

While the rest of the world is just experiencing spring, Palm Springs is well into it. The mountains are as green as they were in 2019, which means there’s likely a super bloom coming. The weather is in the high 50s at night and can go into…
Palm trees flank the old Welcome to Palm Springs sign in Palm Springs, California

First! What’s New In Palm Springs

Although Palm Springs always maintains her mid-mod aesthetic, she is in constant metamorphosis. Some local haunts are like the stars in the sky, they have been around since "5Eva because 4ever is too short." (IYKYK!) Melvyn's at the Ingleside…
Pink heart shaped floats in the kidney-shaped pool at the Trixie Motel in Palm Springs, California

The One With The Bachelorette’s Guide To Palm Springs

Congratulations! You found "the one!" And now you’re in a Friends episode, "The One Where Your Name Here is Having Their Bachelorette Party." Your bash is going to be as memorable as your wedding because you're having it in paradise, a.k.a.…
A room at the Old Ranch Inn with a fireplace and cow-print chair and king-sized bed

Going To Stagecoach? Saddle Up At These Boutique Palm Springs Hotels

Coachella may be the name on everyone’s lips, but Stagecoach is growing by leaps and bounds. The older fan base is now being joined by Gen Z — after all, good music is good music, am I right? Not to mention, back in 2008 Taylor Swift was…

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Talavera Palm Springs has not one, but two pools for guests to enjoy: bit.ly/46QCnQm ... See MoreSee Less

Talavera Palm Springs has not one, but two pools for guests to enjoy: bit.ly/46QCnQm

The fabulous Ricardo Suite at The Velvet Rope has guests saying, "Lucy, I'm home!" Learn more about this fun new property here: bit.ly/3UPdHn2 ... See MoreSee Less

The fabulous Ricardo Suite at The Velvet Rope has guests saying, Lucy, Im home! Learn more about this fun new property here: bit.ly/3UPdHn2

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