When it comes to holidays, nothing says “gay” as loud as Halloween. While Arenas never lacks for action, it can’t be beat at Halloween — there’s a wild party with bands and costumes galore. It’s merrier than Christmas.

And you know what Halloween rolls right into, right? Pride! So why not come out and stay for both? Most of the men’s boutique resorts in Palm Springs have their own fridge, with many, if not all, supplying breakfast, and a few even have lunch brought in for their guests. You just need to worry about dinner. Some hotels have kitchenettes, and some are homes away from home with lots of living space, kitchens, and patios. Of course they all have pools — this is Palm Springs!

With many businesses allowing their employees to work remotely, you can (if necessary) bring your laptop and plug in. We have work space available if being in your room, poolside, or at a coffee shop is not your style (but we’ve got plenty of those too).


“There is magic in the night when pumpkins glow by moonlight.” Unknown

Halloween is so special in Palm Springs that it has its own website. But there are other very fun and notable Halloween-y events not on their agenda.

Oct. 27: From the owner of Chill Bar, new-ish nightclub Reforma is having a four-hour party with Gasolina for a night of reggaeton, a combo of EDM, hip hop, and Latin American-spiced music en español. I haven’t been yet, but word on the street is, “It’s fuego.”

Oct. 28: Four Twenty Bank & Dispensary is haunting the very cool lounge with some spooky fun. Enjoy a game of billiards or giant chess, play Operation or pinball, or just groove back and enjoy the atmosphere and the music.

Oct. 27, 28 & 31: Every year, PS Underground brings Bite back to life. The twist? Each resurrection it morphs into something different, straight from the brilliantly twisted brain of Michael Fietsam, but it’s always a thriller of a dinner show.

Oct. 31: If scary movies are your jam, catch Night of the Living Dead on the big screen at PS Cultural Center. Wear the adult diapers.


If Halloween is Gay Christmas, then Pride is Gay Independence Day. And it’s an even bigger, gayer party than Halloween. Let’s get into it.

Leather Pride

Oct. 26: Leather Pride Pop Up Museum benefit party in Hotel Zoso lobby

Oct. 28: Leather Pride Pool Party — The title says it all, except whether leather speedos are required. If you’re interested, you likely already know.

All the Pride

Nov. 4: Pride Ride from Townie Bagels — Grab a bagel with some protein, and get one for the road with a schmear. If you brought your own bike, yay. If not, your Palm Springs Preferred Small Hotel likely has a cruiser you can use.

Nov. 3-5: Desertopia Festival — An entire weekend planned for you at some very cool places. You’ve gotta find your own hotel though, and luckily I know a guy. Gays go here. All the other letters go here.

The hyperlinks on the official Pride website weren’t all working, so I’ve broken them out because I got you, boo.

First is the official Pride Guide with every event and a few working links; there’s also a party for those in recovery. For folks that aren’t traveling that road, you’ll definitely want to go to Friday night’s kickoff party, and of course I’m going to give you the link to parade details.

Curious about the colorful LGBTQ+ history of Palm Springs? Here’s a primer.

I can’t encourage you hard enough to book your Palm Springs stay now. It’s one of the busiest times of the year, and absolutely the best party you’ll ever attend outside your own wedding — and the success of that relies entirely on your family. Do the math.

See you on the street!