Questions Answered About Modernism Week 2024

Orange door and white brick entrance to The Weekend Palm Springs mid-century modern hotel in Palm Springs, California
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Well, actually, it is 11 days, but the banner still flies, calling it Modernism Week. With approximately 350 scheduled events running from Feb. 15-25, you can imagine the buzz.

Hopefully, you have visited the Palm Springs Preferred Small Hotels website to find a place to stay while you experience Modernism Week. If you do not have a reservation, it is best to call the hotels directly because there may be cancellations at your favorite property. Besides, they appreciate learning ahead of time what your specific needs are to make it a perfect visit.

What can you expect at Modernism Week? 

There will be lots of people. Last year, an estimated 105,477 visitors found their way to our city to learn and celebrate mid-century modern design, architecture, culture, and art.

Keep flexible. Many of the events are already sold out. Check here what is still available and purchase your tickets before you arrive.

We highly recommend taking the double-decker bus tour if it is still available. The tour guides are incredibly knowledgeable, and you learn a wealth of information about the architecture and history of Palm Springs.

New this year is an Illuminated Twilight Tour. This excursion will surely provide a look at the beautiful lighting of homes in Palm Springs. Expect to be awed by the creative lighting systems, sometimes even showcasing our ancient palm trees.

Note: All double-deck tours leave from the Hyatt Hotel.

Where do I start when I arrive? 

Welcome to CAMP. Photo: Kathy Condon

The CAMP (Community and Meeting Place) is an excellent place to start. It is located in the Hyatt Palm Springs on North Palm Canyon Drive. The CAMP is also the place to relax, meet friends, and talk to some vendors who share your love for anything mid-century. Pick up a schedule or check the Modernism website, for there are many things you can see for free.

Note: Free underground parking here is plentiful.

How should I dress for Modernism Week?  

We would love to say we will have high 70s and 80s weather. However, we never know what to expect in February. So, the best advice we can give you is to bring layers. Our weather can fluctuate 30 degrees between day and night, so you should not leave your warm jacket behind. You will also want to bring your walking shoes; if you are anything like most of us, you start at one place and get intrigued by something a few blocks away.

Where can I dine while Visiting Palm Springs?

If you have been here and have a favorite restaurant, make your reservations now. During Modernism Week, we locals know it is practically impossible to walk into a restaurant to dine without a reservation.

Here is a list of some Happy Hours presently being offered, but you may want to call to see if they change their hours during Modernism Week.

Should I go hiking during Modernism Week? 

Absolutely, though you may find trails a little more crowded than usual. More than likely the weather will be perfect for outdoor activities. We recommend wearing a hat, using suntan lotion, and taking more water than you think you need. Here is a list of some of the trails in Palm Springs.

Transportation in Palm Springs 

A red double-decker bus takes visitors around Palm Springs, California, during Modernism Week

One way to get around during Modernism Week is by double-decker bus. Photo courtesy of Visit Palm Springs

If you decide to park your car and let others do the driving, be assured we have Lyft, Uber, taxis, and buses readily available. Getting around the city is not difficult. Remember, we are 10 minutes from the Palm Springs International Airport, with over 10 direct flights from various cities in Canada and the United States.

Is it possible to rent bicycles to travel between venues?

Yes. Palm Springs is doing a great job of marking bicycle paths on our major roads. Many neighborhoods, such as the beautiful Las Palmas area, are delightful to visit via bicycle. It is one of the older neighborhoods dotted with massive estates.

Again, we recommend you reserve a bicycle rental before you arrive. Some vendors rent bikes, and you can also see if your resort provides them; many of our small boutique hotels include bikes as one of their amenities.

What if I can’t get tickets for places I want to see? 

It’s always fun to explore inside homes during Modernism Week. Photo: Kathy Condon

There is a solution. In October, there is a smaller version of Modernism Week called Fall Modernism Week. Dates have not been announced for 2024, but if you sign up for the Modernism newsletter, you will be among the first to be notified.

In any case, once you know the dates and want to come, be sure to visit Palm Springs Preferred Small Hotels and get your hotel reservations. Word is getting out that crowds are less in the fall, and you can be assured of outstanding weather.

Modernism is fun, engaging, and a unique experience not duplicated anywhere in the world. Palm Springs’ motto is “Like No Place Else.” Once you come to Modernism Week, you will understand why that fits our desert community.