First! What’s New In Palm Springs

Palm trees flank the old Welcome to Palm Springs sign in Palm Springs, California
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Although Palm Springs always maintains her mid-mod aesthetic, she is in constant metamorphosis. Some local haunts are like the stars in the sky, they have been around since “5Eva because 4ever is too short.” (IYKYK!) Melvyn’s at the Ingleside Inn, Les Vallauris (now operated by SoHo House), the original Las Casuelas — they’re not going anywhere. But people are moving to Palm Springs from all over the world, and with them come new ideas and new businesses. There’s a gleeful mix of old and new and everyone is here for it. The ones that aren’t are literally a dying breed.

Since season started last November, some things have happened fast, and some were pretty big, like the opening of the Spa at Séc-he and Agua Caliente Cultural Museum. Because of the buzz around those, a bunch of new businesses didn’t get to fly as close to the sun as they could have, so we’re absolutely going to fix that now. I can’t claim that this is everything, but I tried really hard to find them all. I searched high, and I searched less high, but it all comes down to this: I absolutely deserve the pint of Caramel Cone Haagen Dazs that’s name-calling me from Ralph’s.  

But before I get into that (and another episode of Girls5Eva — I’m obsessed!), it’s about time we showed a little love to… 

The Uptown Design District

Yay! Uptown! It’s a very cool part of town, but not just architecturally — the shops have unique offerings as well. It’s definitely worth taking a coffee on a stroll. Plus, it’s not as crowded as downtown proper, so you can meander at will. 

Not only are Trina Turk and The Shag Store up that way, there’s a great outdoor space in The Corridor. Have a peek while you grab that coffee at Koffi, then head on up north and have a look at some of the dreamiest design elements you’ve ever. Here’s the new:

Wolf Contemporary at 768 N. Palm Canyon Drive

Curated art and design gallery showcasing works by contemporary California artists, rare findings, and unique designs in a gallery setting. Expect an eclectic mix of antique artifacts, rare vintage designer handbags, modern and vintage jewelry, and the occasional piece of statement furniture, each with a story, history, and meaning. All pieces are offered with refinement, style, and supreme quality. 

Phylum at 901 N. Palm Canyon Drive

Color abounds in contemporary housewares, barware, apothecaries, gifts, and furniture, all with complimentary gift wrap and local delivery.

Around town

Aluminaire House at the Palm Springs Art Museum

On the south end of the Palm Springs Art Museum’s grounds, there is now an aluminum and metal prototype residence designed in 1931 by Albert Frey and A. Lawrence Kocher. Called the Aluminaire House, it is the first all-metal house constructed in the United States. Hours: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Friday through Monday; noon to 8 p.m. Thursday.

Pillars of Palm Springs 

Set to be unveiled April 15 on World Art Day (happy birthday, Leonardo DaVinci!), are six “pillars” individually crafted by six local artists: Roger Reutimann (Inspiring Creativity); Anne Faith Nicholls (Crafting Serenity); Bernard Stanley Hoyes (Celebrating Diversity); Jessup + Cooning (Upholding Civility); MIDABI (Fostering Community); and Scott Froschauer (Highlighting Equality). Located along Tahquitz Canyon Way, the Pillars will replace the Art of Taming Horses sculptures installed during Desert X 2021. 

New restaurants

Wang’s in the Desert at 424 S. Indian Canyon Drive

Iconic restaurant and beautiful event space (formerly Jilly’s 1960s). Reopened March 18 after about a four-year sabbatical. 

La Cocina at Reforma at 333 S. Palm Canyon Drive

Elevated Mexican inspired menu inside Reforma nightclub. Opened in March. 

Crudo Cerveceria at 515 N. Palm Canyon Drive, Suite B8

I’ve mentioned it before, but it’s worth the rerun. Terrific new addition to the Uptown Design District with drinks and fresh seafood. Open 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Closed Sundays. 

Holiday House Brunch at 200 W. Arenas Road

On Saturdays and Sundays, Executive Chef Shawn Applin offers a sweet and savory menu that pairs perfectly with a special selection of rosé wines and Champagnes.  Highlights include the photogenic and delicious Shellfish Plateau for sharing, Dutch Baby pancakes, fried chicken and waffles, ricotta-stuffed French toast, and much more.  11 a.m. to 3 p.m.  

Cipolline Osteria at 1260 S. Palm Canyon Drive

Great menu, and plenty of parking on the south end of Palm Canyon Drive. Formerly known as The New York Company, long time visitors will remember it as Banducci’s Bit of Italy. Meaty mains, pasta, pizza, salads, full bar. They call it a bar before they call it a restaurant, but the menu looks fancy. 

Coming Soon

Tony’s Burgers at 665 S. Palm Canyon Drive

Delicious burger joint with a full bar that’s been consistently named best burger in the Coachella Valley. Not a burger person? Try the famous fish tacos, hot dogs, fresh salads, and avocado fries. Just like the Date Palm location, but in Palm Springs.

Livs at 101 N. Museum Drive

Livs is taking over the downstairs space at the Palm Springs Art Museum that used to be the Muse Café. They are currently doing a pop-up on Thursday evenings with VillageFest. Opening date of brick-and-mortar TBD.

I’d love to tell you that Churrasco Steakhouse has opened, but it hasn’t done that yet (announced two years ago, chop chop on the chops, please). Starring all-you-can-eat meats roasted to perfection on a wood charcoal grill, Churrasco will feature a sleek modern decor with inside seating for 140 and additional outdoor patio seating for another 30. 

A large imported fresh market table will be filled with favorites, including chilled salads and hot sides, sauces, imported cheeses, their famous mushroom risotto, and 15 meat selections like the house specialty picanha. The website says it will open this spring, and it’s spring, so…

Keep your eyes out for announcements about the Oasis Music Festival


Perry’s Fine Wines & Liquor at 625-641 N. Palm Canyon Drive

Owner is a transplant from Provincetown, Massachusetts, a.k.a. Palm Springs East. 

Carmela Ice Cream at 750 N. Palm Canyon Drive

Specialty house-made ice creams. They even have classes you can take to learn how to make your own, too. Inside the Flannery Exchange.

Women’s clothing

Pink Palm Springs at 263 E. Tahquitz Canyon Way

Fashion-forward women looking for unique and trendy pieces need search no further. Their carefully curated collection has made it a destination for fashion enthusiasts searching for one-of-a-kind pieces.

Sunny Days at 174 N. Palm Canyon Drive

A woman’s clothing boutique with styles from Bella Dahl, Johnny Was, Z Supply, and more. 

New small hotels

There are over 70 unique boutique hotels and small resorts in Palm Springs. These are the five newest kids on the block, and I encourage you to click the links and check them out. Stun-ning.

Velvet Rope — Nine themed rooms, each with its own very big personality, plus the soon-to-open bar, Valerie’s.

Mahala — Bursting with personality and just a touch of well-placed kitsch, it’s right across the street from old school Billy Reed’s Restaurant. 

Yara — The Mediterranean/Moroccan style of this hotel looks like a cool breeze on a sunny day. You know, if you could see a breeze.

Blackhaus — High-end bedding, towels, and toiletries; small private patios. Shared spaces include a pool, fireplaces, and outdoor cooking, as well as multiple bocce ball courts around the property.

Jazz Hotel — Gallery and modern art collection. Pool. Spa. Gym. Lounge.

And that’s the skinny on all things new in Palm Springs. You’re welcome, happy to help. Now I’m off to get that Haagen Dazs and spend some time with my new favorite girl group. 🎶Girls5Eva because 4ever is too short! 🎶