Dateline: June 1, 2022

All hotels are open for leisure travel but may have certain restrictions in place. The City of Palm Springs issues periodic updates about Covid-19 requirements. Please plan accordingly and travel safely and responsibly.

A New Standard of Safety

Taking Care of You is What We Have Always Done Best.


We care. We care about you and your family, about our team, and our community.

And that’s why the owners and operators of Palm Springs Preferred Small Hotels have collectively established a baseline of safety standards to create a safe refuge when you visit one of our properties.

When travel leisure is allowed and Southern California road trips beckon, our beautiful boutique hotels have several Covid-19 safety advantages over chain hotels: hotel rooms usually have private exterior entrances and their own HVAC systems. Common areas are typically located in outside courtyards. Because most of our small hotels have between 10 and 30 rooms, social distancing will be easier because fewer people = less risk. A smaller size also means that properties are easier to keep sanitary…especially since they don’t have elevators or inside hallways.

Setting the Standard

We are also working hard to set an example on how to manage the many changes required due to Covid 19 while still elevating your guest experience.

For example, breakfasts will likely be served in individually-wrapped containers rather than available by buffet. You will see fewer lounge chairs around swimming pools and they will be placed further apart. You may notice an abundance of hand sanitizer scattered about the properties. And you will see hotel staff sanitizing surfaces throughout the day.

But most importantly, Palm Springs Preferred Small Hotels already have highly-trained staff with big hearts who know how to take care of you. Because that is one thing that will never change.

What to Expect

Since all hotels are independently owned, you will receive Covid-19 guidelines along with your reservation confirmation so that you know what to expect at your specific hotel.

In keeping with City of Palm Springs requirements, please wear a mask covering your nose and mouth and practice social distancing when in common and public areas.

If you have symptoms or have recently been exposed to some someone with Covid 19, please don’t travel. If you appear to show symptoms, you may be asked to leave.

We have Your Stay

These are strange times. Other guests and staff may have ideas that are different than you of what is and is not safe.  So please, let’s all be kind.

Palm Springs boutique hotels have long offered a respite from the cares of everyday life. And we want to keep it that way.  Just chillax because we have your stay.