What’s happening? Here’s a short media round-up of recent coverage about several Palm Springs boutique hotels and what’s happening in the desert.

LA Times: Cool vibes, splash-worthy pools at these 7 new or updated Palm Springs hotels, $114 and up

LA Times covers cool boutique hotels in Palm Springs

AFAR: Tim Masters shares the scoop on the reason L.A. types have been flocking to the desert since the Rat Pack days in How to Enjoy a Weekend in Palm Springs.

Los Angeles Magazine partnered with the Palm Springs Bureau of Tourism to highlight the glory of Palm Springs, including fabulous photos of the iconic Monkey Tree Hotel in Ready for a Change of Scene? Palm Springs Beckons.

Elaine Master Interviews the new owners of the Inn at Palm Springs

Trip Well Gal: In Big Hearts, Small Hotel – Meet Your Inn at Palm Springs Hosts, travel writer Elaine Masters interviews hoteliers Paul Kurdian and Samantha McDermott about what makes their hotel so fun and special.

WeHo Times: Award-winning journalist and Palm Springs homeboy Thom Senzee writes frankly about his mood in Palm Springs as the world of travel opens up. This is the first of his three-part series on clothing-optional boutique resorts that cater to gay men. Check out Postcards from Palm Springs.