How to choose a men’s clothing-optional resort

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There’s no need to pack a big suitcase for stays at these Palm Springs resorts.

The city is home to more than 20 men’s clothing-optional boutique hotels, where guests are free to roam the property sans attire. These resorts are known for their gorgeous pools and spas, steam rooms, gardens, and comfortable accommodations. For first-time visitors, there are some things to keep in mind when it comes to choosing a clothing-optional hotel.

Small boutique hotels that cater specifically to gay men and women, or anyone who wants a clothing-optional experience, provide spaces that are “worry-free, stress-free, and nonjudgmental,” says Michael Green, owner of The Triangle Inn Palm Springs. “There are people who come from all over the world — sometimes from places, regions, or even countries where they are not accepted but also persecuted for being gay.”

It’s key to remember that not wearing clothes is optional, and if a guest doesn’t feel comfortable removing their garments right away, that’s OK — they can wait until they feel more comfortable, or remain clothed during their entire stay.

“Clothing-optional resorts attract all ages of gay men seeking a safe refuge, where they can feel free from outside influences,” INNdulge owner Jon Jackson says. “Only about half of our guests enjoy nudity, but all of them love having the option. Most come for the social aspect of spending their holiday exclusively with like-minded gay men.”

Another important thing to research before booking a stay is the sexual “temperature” of a resort, as this varies from property to property.

“A lot of people choose a clothing-optional resort because there is less pretense when a person is naked,” notes Ric Gomez, owner of Tortuga del Sol. “One of the myths I believe still exists is that gay clothing-optional resorts are sexually-charged hotels with low standards and minimal amenities. In reality, the majority of gay clothing-optional resorts are owner operated and exceed the hospitality and amenities levels of larger, mainstream hotels.”

These resorts are judgment-free zones, Gomez says, and in Tortuga del Sol’s common areas, “guests are free to openly demonstrate affection for their companion, or make a new friend or friends.” There are also guests with all body types, because “Nudism is a lifestyle that embraces the human body in all its forms,” Robert Aikens, head innkeeper at La Dolce Vita Resort and Spa, says. “There are many reasons people come to clothing-optional resorts, but always be friendly while respecting other’s rights to privacy.”

Palm Springs is known internationally for welcoming members of the LGBTQ community, and they flock to these resorts because they “are able to find an experience they literally cannot find anywhere else,” Green says. “Lots of our guests get to the resort, do some shopping, then come back and pretty much never leave except to shop or hike or see the sights. We are a destination within a destination for them.”