Mathew Westcott grew up in the hospitality business, and now with The Westcott Hotel, he’s making his mark in Palm Springs.

“Palm Springs has been a favorite vacation spot for me for many years and the city has continued to grow and develop — I wanted to be part of that journey,” he says.

Mathew purchased POSH Palm Springs Inn in June 2017, and changed its name to The Westcott in honor of his family. Mathew left behind a corporate career in London and New York to open The Westcott — while it’s his first hotel, his family has been operating hotels in the UK for decades, and he’s learned a lot along the way.

“It’s an industry which I’m passionate about and has always been in my blood,” he says.

Built in the 1930s, The Westcott is in the Uptown Design District, and “from the outside, its simple Art Deco lines are unassuming, but walk through the doors and it feels completely different,” Mathew says. “It’s great to see the way people react each time they enter for the first time.”

Rooms at The Westcott feature luxurious bedding and amenities, flatscreen televisions, and Keurig coffee makers. A complimentary breakfast is served in the morning, and a daily cocktail hour is held in the evening around the large freshwater pool.

“Being a hotel owner is all about creating a unique and memorable guest experience — looking at every detail from arrival to departure and ensuring we exceed expectations,” Mathew says. “In our first few months of being open we have been blown away by the great reviews we have received.”

Mathew says he takes to heart the feedback he hears, and “we’ve continued to tweak our service and hotel as we listen to what our guests say.” They often rave about General Manager Michael Barge, who is “every bit as focused on building The Westcott as I am,” Mathew says.

With The Westcott, Mathew is able to bring together his passion for hospitality and interior design and love of the Art Deco era.

“My goal was to create a unique and timeless property that enabled you to walk through the door and get that 1930s Hollywood golden age glamor combined with modern hotel amenities to make a very special experience,” he says. “We are excited to see the hotel grow and to meet more new guests in our first year.”

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